INTERFORM’s NWA Fashion Week embraces the essence of belonging and diversity. With a mission to illuminate fashion trends, emerging local brands, and aspiring designers, the event celebrates the blossoming culture of Northwest Arkansas. This undertaking also aims to raise awareness and extend support to local organizations achieving remarkable feats. NWAFW is a platform to not only showcase but also nurture the talent that shapes the distinct identity of Northwest Arkansas, while sparking collaborations for the future.

Encompassing photographers, stylists, models, designers, and production teams, INTERFORM’s NWA Fashion Week establishes itself as a learning department for experience and growth. By doing so, it paves the path for upcoming fashion trends and styles across the region’s expanse of beauty. Every facet of this event seeks to bolster the fashion industry in NWA, fostering a sense of belonging and unity for all involved.

Tickets will go on sale on February 12 at