Join us on The GoodTimes Show, hosted by Damon Epps, as we welcome Robin Wallis Atkinson, the visionary Founder and CEO of INTERFORM. As we gear up for NWA Fashion Week from March 28th to 30th, delve into the heart and ambition of INTERFORM. This trailblazing non-profit champions creative evolution and societal transformation through empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity. Discover INTERFORM’s core principles: LEARN, RHIZOME, and SHOW, and learn about their pioneering efforts to revitalize apparel production in Northwest Arkansas.

LEARN paves the way with extensive skill-building programs in sewing for all levels, democratizing essential craftsmanship skills. RHIZOME builds on this foundation, merging cutting-edge design with superior manufacturing to foster personal and economic growth. The SHOW element brings these efforts to life, showcasing the region’s diverse talent and culture at NWA Fashion Week and celebrating the area’s vibrant community fabric. Hear Robin’s evolution from an art curator and organizer to a transformative leader in the arts and fashion community, championing inclusivity and representation. Under her guidance, NWA Fashion Week has become a mirror reflecting the area’s diversity and creative energy. With INTERFORM’s latest ventures, the organization is poised to undertake its most ambitious endeavor: reigniting the apparel manufacturing sector in Northwest Arkansas, signifying a significant leap in fashion and manufacturing in the region.

Tune in for inspiring stories of determination and innovation, and discover how fashion is a potent instrument for social change. This episode highlights INTERFORM’s substantial influence in fashion and fostering a community where creativity and inclusivity flourish.