AT CRYSTAL BRIDGES November 12, 2022– INTERFORM is proud to present Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week (NWAFW) at the renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonvolle. The one-day event will be presented alongside the exhibitions Fashioning America: Grit to Glamour and We the People: The Radical Notion of Democracy. Educational programming will be open to the public during the day followed by an exclusive evening of ticketed runway shows in Eleven and an immersive VIP Experience in the Great Hall.

             Dr. Lisa Corrigan and EMERGE cohort designer, Aubrey Costello; moderated by Xuxa Rodriguez

          Location: Crystal Bridges, Great Hall

         Blue for boys, pink for girls… ever wonder when we started assigning specific colors of clothing based on gender? Or why? This discussion centers on the history of color-coding by sex and the economic, political, and cultural impacts that have prompted change in how color plays a role in gender expression. 

Joyce Modglin and EMERGE cohort designer, Israel Rios; moderated by Stace Treat

Location: Crystal Bridges-Walker Landing

From concept to reality, designs and trends have long been inspired by the world around us. Whether it’s in our everyday lives or in theater and movies, fashion plays a huge role in our society . Join us for an in-depth discussion on the influence of costume design in fashion and its impact on modern day culture. 

Stephanie Hubert and EMERGE cohort designer, Lili Martin; moderated by Xuxa Rodriguez

Location: Crystal Bridges-Great Hall

Fashion is often seen as ‘wearable art’ while architecture is viewed as ‘inhabitable art.’ Religious architecture and fashion inspire each other to embrace the beauty of the human form, reflections of the past, and the pursuit of something greater than oneself. This panel explores the parallels between these creative fields and how they serve as sources of inspiration.

Basana Chhetri and EMERGE cohort designers, Abew Abedi, Zawadi Lukoko, Faida Deborah, Merely Mack, and Terry Takamura; moderated by Stace Treat

Location: Crystal Bridges-Walker Landing

Fashion is powerful in the sense that it often serves as a reflection of the unique cultures and identities of the people that both make and wear the clothing. It also represents a range of geographies, histories, and tastes. This presentation will highlight the uniqueness of diverse cultures and the influential role that community integration plays in promoting inclusivity.

Sonia Spinks of Walmart Beauty, Jessica Whalen, and EMERGE cohort designer Natalie Cruz; moderated by Xuxa Rodriguez

Location: Crystal Bridges-The Great Hall

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly bombarded with imagery in marketing and in media that influences our own perceptions of what it means to be considered beautiful. In this presentation, we will explore how the pursuit of an arbitrary and ever-shifting ‘beauty standard’ has negatively impacted our minds

Abby Hollis, Dr. Lance Cheramie, and EMERGE cohort designer, Darcy Harris; moderated by Stace Treat

Location: Crystal Bridges-Walker Landing

Sustainable fashion: what is it and why should every day consumers even care? Did you know that fashion is a leading cause of global pollution? This presentation will unpack the issues that derive from living in a society where profits outweigh sustainability and fashion trends are fast shifting, excessively wasteful, and largely driven by consumer demand.

In addition to a day of panels and an evening of runway shows, guests had the option to purchase access to the VIP experience that will take place in the Great Hall. Enjoy a preview of the 22nd Element BLOOM II collection from INTERFORM’s first EMERGE Designer in Residence, Bruce Davis. The experience featured designers, artists and friends as well as complimentary cocktails and cuisine prior to the start of the show. A complimentary swag bags were available for all VIP Experience ticket holders.

Exclusive evening of runways showcasing the collections of EMERGE Designers in Residency:

  • Alyssa B. Ibos of A. Brooks Designs
  • Brandy Lee of Big Sister Studio
  • Elizabeth Koerner of Elizabeth Collection
  • Kerrie Aaron of Klothed 31
  • Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick of N-Deed Regime
  • Ruby Moore of Ruby Ru Designs

Doors open at 6PM. Shows begin at 7:30PM.