INTERFORM, in partnership with the Tyson Family Foundation, will host community engaging events and artwork in both the Famous Hardware windows and next door at 115 West Emma Avenue. 


What: This September 15th through November 17th, INTERFORM will highlight 14 Latin artists, creators and designers at INTERFORM Atelier, the pop-up shop located in downtown Springdale. In addition to the Latin artists highlighted at INTERFORM Atelier, the windows at Famous Hardware will feature cultural fashion and traditional festive dress from Brazil, El Salvador, and Mexico created by designers Maria de Fatima (Fa) Pollard, Araceli Lopez and Paz Aguilar. This opportunity will give local and regional artists and designers from the Latin community a platform to sell their work in addition to visibility for their creativity and skills.  

Famous Hardware Window Installation – 

Designer: Maria de Fatima (Fa)

Country: Brazil

Pink costume:


(also called sambistas) are the main dancers in the carnival parades of Rio de Janeiro and usually perform on the ground in front of the drums, dancing the very rhythmic step of “Samba no Pé”.  

Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda was a very talented artist full of creativity and innovation.  Her dancing, singing, and acting, in addition to her clothes, shoes, and accessories – including a hat shaped like a basket of tropical fruits, defined her image and style.  

Yellow and red costume:

Samba de Enredo became popular in the 1920’s when it began to dominate Rio de Janeiro’s carnival Carnival, the largest festival in the world. 


Designer: Araceli Lopez

Country: Mexico


Located in the western part of Mexico, Jalisco, a land of tradition where folklore converges with modernity, the hospitality of the people with tourist roots and natural beauties.

Jarabe Tapatio Attire: The typical attire for men consists of the charro suit and a wide hat with silver trim. The women dress in the traditional Chinese Puebla costume with braids in their hair, and bows with green, white, and red ribbons in their hair.


Curator: Paz Aguilar

Country: El Salvador

This dress represents a typical dress from what we call our “pulgarcito”. The green basket is used as a way to store tortillas so that they can be transported to the workers.


Who:   Participating Artists and Designers –

               Affirma Wear

               Lupita Albarran

               Adriana Pineda

               Lourdes Valverde

               Brioch Ochoa

               Liza Gracie

               Andrea Flores Ruz

               Flora Saldivar

               Gala Reneaum Tello

               Laura Ramirez

               Diana Dominguez 

               Rulli Torres

               Audrey Vega

               Mabely Teodocio

               Maria de Fatima (Fa) Pollard

 Paz Aguilar

 Araceli Lopez


When: September 15 – November 17, 2023 

Where: Atelier, 115 West Emma Avenue and next door at Famous Hardware


Tyson Family Foundation

About INTERFORM: INTERFORM is a 501c3 Non-profit organization at the forefront of creative growth and change in our community. We envision a self-sustaining design-led fashion and art industry in Northwest Arkansas and we build robust programs to directly support that vision. We foster greater levels of creativity and provide the right education and resources needed to grow our designers and artists. We uplift and center the creative works of those who are underrepresented and use our platform to encourage others to do the same. We are here to propel creatives forward and aid in their professional journey.

ABOUT THE TYSON FAMILY FOUNDATION: Established in 1970, the Tyson Family Foundation supports efforts for education, health, arts and culture and youth programs as well as a scholarship program for Tyson Foods employees and their families. The foundation has endowed and supported local, regional and national organizations committed to furthering access to knowledge, promoting creativity and supporting communities. The Foundation is currently led by President Olivia Tyson.