Social Media - The New Resume

A Zoom Q & A with Katie & Jorge Batres.

This Q&A discussion will cover:

online presence, tips and tricks to book through social media, and industry realness and its reality.



Katie Batres

Starting off as a professional hip hop dancer, Katie was able to travel and teach in many countries. Along the way she slowly slipped into modeling after working with companies who had initially hired her for dance campaigns such as FashionNova and Shein. A year after being signed to a modeling agency, she decided to go independent and create her own branding through social media. Katie now works currently as a part-time model/dancer, booking manager, and full-time financial professional.

Jorge Batres


Jorge was born and raised in Mexico. After immigrating to the US, he started a successful clothing business in high school. He learned that education wasn’t the only route he had to take and became a professional salesman. After reaching a cap in the corporate ladder, he used his knowledge to start his own marketing business. He now hires models and influencers for big companies such as Nissan. Jorge knows what companies are looking for and has helped countless models, entrepreneurs, and businesses brand themselves properly through social media.

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