This will be a discussion on creating culturally responsive programming through non-profit management strategies and adaptation to current crises in education.

A question to ask yourself..”How do we get more parents involved in their child’s education?” On Wednesday, August 5th at 5:30 PM find out by joining Judith A. Yáñez and our CEO, Robin Atkinson, as they begin the discussion on being culturally responsive to the needs of families in Northwest Arkansas.

Judith A. Yáñez, MAT is an advocate for culturally responsive spaces that strengthen parent voices in Northwest Arkansas and nationally. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a degree in mathematics and a Master of Arts in Teaching. She is currently the Founding Executive Director at RootED Northwest Arkansas, National Parent Union Council Member and the first Latina elected official in Northwest Arkansas, serving as a Justice of the Peace for Washington County District #4.

Prior to founding RootED Northwest Arkansas, she served as the Education Program Manager at the Cisneros Center for New Americans and a mathematics teacher at Springdale High School and Haas Hall Academy. These experiences allowed her to meet hard-working immigrant families, like her own parents, that did not have an education beyond elementary school, resources, or support to make intentional and strategic decisions for their child’s education.

To learn more about RootED read their bio below!

“RootED Northwest Arkansas is a non-profit organization that focuses on serving all parents of children in grades K-12. Northwest Arkansas is rich with educational opportunities but what we have discovered is, many parents are not aware of the educational options available to their family.

We work closely with under-resourced families of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to help them better understand the myriad of educational options available to their children, be it public district schools, charter schools, independent schools, private school or homeschool. We also work closely with parents and the schools to help parents become a more confident advocate for their child’s education.”