interform voter registration event 

SOURCE: 40/29

A voter registration event that happened in Shiloh Square in Springdale on Sunday worked to make sure all Arkansans who are eligible to vote do so.

Tinh Nguyen performed at the event with his breakdancing group Breaking Habits. The 29-year-old just registered to vote for the first time.

“I feel like it’s about the right time,” he said. “I feel like it’s about the right age where I can you know pay attention more to the community and try and make a stand.”

Nguyen said he’s going to make sure his dance crew is also registered.

“We can all do our best,” he said. “But whatever choice they make, we just gotta respect their choice. But it’s still important to kind of reach out.”

Multiple organizations were on hand registering people to vote and talking to them about the issues that are on the ballot. There was also discussion panels focused on human rights.

They said things like Arkansas’s new voter ID law may cause hurdles for Arkansans to vote. They want people moving to northwest Arkansas to understand the voting process.

“So we have people coming here every day from all over the country, maybe from other countries as well,” said Gennie Diaz, with the organization For Our People. “And we want to make sure that everybody knows that they have the right to get registered and then take on that responsibility of becoming voters.”

Davis said some changes in Arkansas voting laws may make it hard for people to vote.

“In order to vote, and have your vote counted, you actually have to show up with a valid form of ID,” explained Davis. “And this is the first time that that’s required regardless of your background or circumstances.”

Nguyen is ready to take on that responsibility.

“Gotta start being a leader,” he said. “And make a difference and you know what’s going on and see what we can do.”