Brandy Lee is the creative head at Big Sister. She has a BFA in Theatre and is mostly a self-taught seamstress and designer. She has over ten years of professional  experience in alterations, custom clothing, costumes, bridalwear, and vintage.

Big Sister is a Fashion Design Studio that creates one of a kind clothing for Women and Men. Brandy started Big Sister in 2017 in Austin, TX, but relocated to  Fayetteville, AR in October of 2018. Brandy individually designs and handcrafts each piece. The attention to detail and highly skilled craftsmanship can be seen in every garment. Big Sister offers a range of styles for a range of expressive possibilities. It’s clothing that looks great, feels good to wear, and is quality made.



A’Lyece’ Rodgers is a fashion apparel and accessories designer. Though she has lived the majority of her life in the state of Arkansas, she is a Minnesota native.  As a child, she knew very early on that I wanted to be nothing other than a fashion designer, and  spent countless hours designing and sewing different looks for her dolls.

In 2017, she opened her own design studio; ALyece Lenae Designs. They specialize in women’s made to measure clothing and made to order accessories. Throughout her brand you will find unique attire, to fit the body and make a statement. A’Lyece’s slogan is “Where Beauty Meets Fashion,” because at ‘ALyece Lenae’ they believe their fashions give clients the autonomy of their beauty.


Elizabeth Koerner describes herself as an avid creative and a continuous learner. She began her designing journey at the young age of nine-years-old. She later studied fashion design and business in college and would go on to own both fashion and interior design businesses.

Elizabeth’s goals are to grow as a person and a designer. She is also inspired by nature, beauty, fabrics, and art. In her career she remains curious and excited about her future, while being constantly driven by her love of God, people, and design.


LaTasha “Madame L” Cobler is an American designer and her namesake womenswear label’s current creative director. ‘Madame L’ is a line of sustainable and artisanal handcrafted womenswear alongside accessories born from a passion and dedication to create designs that nourish and highlight the modern indomitable woman’s spirit, empowering her, elevating her, and supporting her through her everyday journey. Each creation is exquisitely crafted, fusing artisanal techniques and carefully curated fabrics celebrating feminine spirit and individuality. After winning the 2019 International Design Award for her Haute Couture and runway designs, LaTasha’s design career had successfully launched on the international scene. Her latest accomplishment includes the launch of her women’s handbag and accessory collection, featuring limited edition designs found exclusively in her online boutique at


Shamirra Danielle, a Little Rock native, has always had a love for creating from an early age. She went to a fine arts high school and studio art was her concentration. Shamirra also minored in studio art in college. When she was 15 years old, her mom enrolled her in sewing classes and her grandmother bought her a sewing machine. During college, she took more serious classes in sewing and construction, at the Jamileh Kamran School of fashion design.


Shamirra would describe her design style as free-spirited, fearless, fun, uninhibited, and more. Richie Clark clothing is designed exclusively by Shamirra Danielle. As an artist and designer, Shamirra draws inspiration from her surroundings and through her vision of the future of fashion. She is youthful and modern whilst keeping a woman’s sensuality at the heart of each product. The Richie Clark client knows who she is and is not afraid to show it. Never the wallflower, ever the free-spirit, Richie Clark ladies leave their mark everywhere they go.


Fashion designer Crystal Hamilton is the epitome of a woman living her dreams. Crystal’s Spring/ Summer 2019 collection “Crystal La’Shay ” made its debut in 2018 at New York Fashion Week.  “Crystal La’Shay” is a vibrant ready-to-wear women’s clothing line. 

Crystal is an Arkansas native who resides in Texarkana, Arkansas. She has been an Early Childhood educator for over 13 years, adults and kids sewing instructor at Texarkana College,  youth mentor, and hairstylist.

Crystal studied fashion design at the Arkansas Fashion School. Crystal continues to design off-the-runway looks that are bold and fresh.


Hello,  I’m Darcy and was born and raised in Fayetteville Arkansas. I am a self taught seamstress and I have been sewing for over 15 years. Originally I started working for a few local theaters and dance groups making costumes. In 2014 I started my kids clothing line “Darwin and Delilah”.  Then in 2017 I opened “Crimson and Clover” a vintage and handmade clothing shop in south Fayetteville. 

Currently I live in Prairie Grove with my sweet husband and four incredible children. I have always had a strong interest in fashion and design. Most of my pieces are vintage inspired and I often use vintage and upcycled materials to create them. I love incorporating embroidery and appliqué into my work and I always strive to come up with something fun and unique!