The INTERFORM Atelier is a retail pop-up store featuring a carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from local and regional fashion, jewelry, and more showcased in the creative atmosphere of a designer’s atelier. 

We aim to support the local creative community by providing a space where they can showcase their art and designs. Each piece and work of art is unique, one of a kind, and represents the essence of the artist who created it.











Rosie Rose 

Rosie Rose is an award winning artist from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She is known for her adventurous and colorful fashion designs, as well as her unique fiber art and paintings. A second generation Arkansas artist, her art & designs are steeped in the beauty of the Ozark hills.



Olivia Eubanks

Olivia Eubanks is a two and three-dimensional artist who is based in Russellville, Arkansas. She earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Arkansas Tech University and has since opened her own business, “Olivia Eubanks Art”. Her main interest has always been pushing the boundaries of “traditional art”, by sewing through canvas, shattering pottery, or printing on clothing. Which is
where the business took off and found its footing. Olivia created wearable art with her PrintWear. By printing her art on clothing she’s made her art something people can style and display on the daily.


Megan Rose 

Megan Rose is an abstract artist and designer from Northwest Arkansas. She runs a small online business, Shop Megan Rose, and participates in her local arts community through markets, galleries, and pop-ups. The sole focus of her artwork is a collection of paintings called “Feminine Abstraction.” It celebrates the individuality and diversity of female expression. Her hope is that when someone views her work, it inspires a feeling of empowerment, joy, and brings to mind the brilliant women in their own lives. “Feminine Abstraction” is created with many artistic mediums, using acrylic paint and collage mixed media to create a sense of vibrancy that jumps off of the canvas. You can find out more about her work at and on Instagram @shopmeganrose.


Shelby Fleming

Shelby Fleming (She/Her) holds a BFA in Studio Art from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and a MFA from the University of Arkansas School of Art. She has attended residencies at Vermont Studio Center, Chautauqua School of Art, Interform, and is currently an artist in resident at Creative Spaces NWA. Fleming’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally at the CICA Museum, South Korea, Scattered Art Gallery, London, the
International Sculpture Conference, and Art Saint Louis. Fleming’s studio practice is cross-disciplinary with a focus on sculpture, installation, and performance art. Fleming’s photo series “Micro Escapes” focuses on the psychological body. Sculpture and installations are built with the intent of being photographed. Once printed the unfocused images are drawn on top of
with a pen, putting the image back into focus. Fleming sees this method of creation as a way to process and frame her queer visual narrative. The narrative holds tension and drama as she explores the thin line that separates her private and public life as a queer woman.


Terése Conway 

Terése Conway, a Rogers-based artist, is known for her atmospheric photographs that capture the natural world with an ethereal and serene sensibility. Whether landscapes, florals, or still lifes, her images have a quiet essence to them through the use of a reduced and muted color palette. Textures reminiscent of historic photographic processes give the photographs a timeless and mysterious quality. Terése grew up in Sweden, where she took her first darkroom and photography class. Later, she was awarded an art scholarship to MSSU in Joplin, Missouri, where she earned a BA in Graphic Design.
She has appeared in a variety of publications, most recently in All About Photography’s ‘Black and White Competition,’ where she was named a Rising Photographer. Terése was featured in the Walton Arts Center’s juried show ‘Our Art, Our Region, Our Time’ in 2022 and 2023, as well as the PhotoSpiva 2023 competition in Joplin, Missouri.


Remi Rose

Remi is a Fayetteville-based ceramicist who has been throwing for two years. After taking a ceramics class in high school, they fell in love with the art form and decided to buy their own wheel. Everything for Spooky Ceramics is made lovingly with their two hands. They specialized in creating functional housewares such as mugs, bowls, and ashtrays. They favor a technique called graffito, which means they carve designs into the clay while it is still wet. Their designs are inspired by tattoos, nature, and little creatures. They enjoy sitting down and letting the creativity flow for whatever they are feeling that day, so many of their pieces are one of a kind. You can find them on Instagram @spookyceramicco.


Rinat Brodach 

Rinat Brodach founded RINAT BRODACH in New York City in 2014 as a women’s wear brand after attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco and The Chambre Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne in Paris. In 2018 she relaunched her brand as Gender Free, and its combination of a high-fashion sensibility with accessible and inclusive design has led to praise in publications including Elle, WWD, Vogue, ID Magazine, Forbes, and Ynet. Rinat greatly expanded her global visibility and customer base as a featured contestant on the first season of the Amazon Prime fashion competition show “Making The Cut”, which premiered in March 2020 and resulted in a collaboration with Puma. In addition to selling directly to consumers at, Instagram, and Facebook, RINAT BRODACH has been stocked in NYC, Tokyo, London, and San Francisco.


Richard Cotto

Born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico, Richard pursued an Associates and a Bachelors in Fashion and Design. Even before culminating his professional degrees his technical expertise passed down from familiar generations and avant-garde design aesthetics earned him recognitions in major magazines like Ocean Drive and HOLA. Shortly after graduating Richard had the opportunity to work along prominent design houses and manufacturing facilities in the Island, something that sparked an interest for manufacturing and the technical side of the apparel world. In 2014 he moved to the United States to complete his Masters with a concentration in Arts and Apparel Design. Living by the philosophy of “dare to be deviant from the norm” his design aesthetic has evolved and transformed in the search for understanding the human body in order to create a gender/queer design line that encompasses structure, intent and empowerment. His approach to fashion has given him the opportunity to show his work in some of the biggest fashion week platforms in the USA and South America. In 2016 Richard decided to join apparel Corporate America in the search for that technical spark that came to be back in Puerto Rico. Since then his professional career has been focused not only in design but in every area of the product lifecycle; from product development, technical design and pattern making to supply chain, logistics and production for companies and clients like Dillards, Under Armour, and New Balance to mention a few. 


Elizabeth Koerner 

Elizabeth Koerner doesn’t remember not being interested in fashion and loves to learn.   She doesn’t want to live without gratitude, faith in Jesus and curiosity.  She loves her family and is an involved woman investing in others and in community to make a difference in the world.  Elizabeth loves to laugh, really enjoys relationships and loves to encourage others. Elizabeth is honored to be selected to participate as a Designer in Residence in the EMERGE 4 Program.  She is looking forward to EMERGE 4.   At the same time she is thankful for the learning and growth experienced through INTERFORM EMERGE program’s training, collaboration and presentations as well as, NWA Fashion Week runways, and The Collective Movie, all opportunities in which she has participated.  Respecting differences and being curious about who we are and where we have come from can result in wonder, openness and a willingness to listen and learn from one another. This learning inspires creativity for Elizabeth’s design as does: nature, art, music, texture, fabric, beauty, travel, architecture and culture. Elizabeth loves to design Everyday Runway clothing inspiring the wearer to feel fabulous every single day. Elizabeth expresses youthful active sophisticated women’s spirit through quality, classic and artful design.  Women feel beautiful, are comfortable and show their style effortlessly in Elizabeth.  To contact Elizabeth Koerner:


Jessica Robin

Born locally in NW Arkansas, Jessica Robin has over 25 years experience working with textiles and is a graduate of the theater department at the University of Arkansas where she specialized in costuming.  Since the early 2000s, she has designed and produced her own original work including hand embroidered bags and velveteen bunnies as well as creating her own clothing.  She sees clothing as not just a way to present yourself but also to surround yourself in what you love even if it means pinning a giant leaf on your shirt.  She is inspired by how colors and patterns can evoke emotions and the significance of the stories behind the clothes that we wear and hold dear.  In her spare time she loves repairing old vintage sewing machines and doing projects with friends.  She has worked for Interform in the Learn Department for almost two years helping teach Beginning and Advanced sewing classes and lead the open studio. Above all, she loves the way sewing and working with your hands creates a shared space.


Ro Bailey

Ro Bailey is a former radio personality, veteran, and model who joined INTERFORM as the Communications Manager in October 2020. Born in California and raised in East Tennessee, Bailey moved to Fayetteville in 2012 with her son True and has enjoyed living and working in Northwest Arkansas. Shortly after moving to NWA, she became involved with Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week in 2015 as a runway and editorial model. By 2017, she became NWAFW’s Assistant Director of Modeling where she mentors new models and trains them in how to walk confidently on the runway, build their portfolios, prioritize their health and safety, and expand their brands. With her background in radio, Bailey currently hosts INTERFORM podcast, a biweekly podcast with a fresh perspective on current events with insightful guests and thought-provoking episodes. In less than a year, INTERFORM podcast had over 500 downloads. Ro strives to be an asset to her family and her community through cultivating diversity and visibility for local models. 


Kerrie Aaron

Each garment is handcrafted by Kerrie with quality craftsmanship & attention to details. She is passionate about having exclusive clothing. She believes GOD is our designer & we were created to be unique & set apart!  “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14).


Rayne Cottrell

“have u ever been to an amusement park & ridden a really intense ride & when ur done u bought a t shirt that says  “I SURVIVED THE…..” “….when we leave earth we’re all getting a tshirt.” Rayne Cottrell is the creator behind I SURVIVED EARTH. She has a fine arts degree in printmaking. Rayne loves dolphins, food, and garbage. She will be a millionaire.”

(Photo credit Ellis D @iii.0pener)


Ruby Moore 

Ruby Moore is the Lead Designer for Ruby Ru Designs. Ruby has been married to her husband Ken for more than 25 years, she has three adult children and two beautiful granddaughters. 3 year old Kyleigh Rose, and 2 year old Michelle Kaye Nicole!! Ruby’s desire to create beautiful Fashions started when she was a teenager, as her mom Pauline Black so diligently taught her the art of sewing. Ruby has over 30 years of construction and design experience and has designed for many women in the central Arkansas area. Ruby has an eye for beautiful colors and textures of fabrics and knows who to bring out the beauty in every woman. Her passion for designing was reignited in 2014 when her then teenage daughter wanted her to design her beautiful senior prom gown. Ruby Ru Designs caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Her aesthetic is to create beautiful and timeless garments that exclude elegance and confidence. Her beautiful garments have been showcased over many venues to include NorthWest Arkansas Fashion Week. With her collection Ruby Ru Designs will bring class and elegance to any runway.


Snow Winters

Snow Winters is an American based artist originating from Northwest Arkansas specializing in laser fabricated acrylic jewelry.  Following inspiration wherever it leads her, she has difficulty calling any one place home and seeks out new experiences to expand her creative portfolio. As a non-traditionally trained artist with a background in digital 3D visualization, she’s continuously honing her skills hands-on, working with industrial designers and innovating high-tech fabrication. Snow applies those techniques to her wearable art and transforms her medium into jewelry that drapes the body and makes the wearer feel as if they are clad in couture armor. Discovering new materials and creating distinctive jewelry propels her work into a world where the wearer becomes the art.

“Runway Renewal,” echoes the Spring 2024 theme of NWA Fashion Week, “Return to Form.” It not only honors INTERFORM’s foundational roots but also signals a forward momentum for the growth of the creative community. INTERFORM is an arts & culture nonprofit organization dedicated to providing professional development, education, and programming to the local creative community, especially those with limited access to such resources. This initiative emphasizes a commitment to showcasing the incredible talents within the community, especially those of the students at INTERFORM programs. Window installations at Famous Hardware are made possible through a partnership with the Tyson Family Foundation.


Regina Romero

Regina Romero, a retired designer, brought back cotton red velvet from Alaska (during a visit to her daughter) to craft a unique coat. Combining the red velvet with contrasting blue brocade, she aimed to create a standout piece, departing from the practical coats she usually owned. Inspired by a touch of “Red Riding Hood” fantasy in the hood and infused with an Asian influence from the brocade fabric and fasteners, the coat exudes individuality. In her retirement, Regina now finds joy in dancing, traveling, and spending quality time with her grandchildren, embracing the opportunity to live life to the fullest.


Alison Hodge-Selig

In her inaugural class at INTERFORM LEARN (Upper Intermediate), the designer crafted a stunning empire waist dress for NWAFW 2023. Tailored with a floral theme, the dress was specially designed for her daughter, Sage, incorporating her favorite hues of pink and green. The multicolored flowered skirt and hand-embroidered belt, crafted over several weeks, added a unique touch. Participating in NWAFW alongside her daughter and classmates proved to be a challenging yet incredible journey for the designer.


True Xiong Lee

A recently retired grandmother, True began her journey in sewing back in 1982, initially working as a tailor. Despite always enjoying the craft, she could never dedicate much time to it while managing a poultry farm for 40 years and caring for her family. Now, in her retirement, True is exploring clothing design. She has recently crafted a long white linen-lined wrap dress with a side closure button, designed specifically for NWAFW 2023. 


Braxton Carney

RAXX CUSTOMS presents red/white Festival Komono (right window), Bug Komono from the “Beach to Jungle” collection (left window), and Dragonfly Fantasy pants and top from the “Beach to Jungle” collection (Atelier window)

@TheRealBraxtonC is a Springdale local, fashion designer, and multi media creative who presented their first collection NWAFW spring/summer 2023. They have been teaching sewing classes at the Interform Learn studio for the past year and taking classes as a student for 2+ years. Braxton enjoys the outdoors with their husky/heeler mix Kobi and taking Zeus and Athena for cat walks and sun baths. Their goal in life is to leave behind a legacy that will inspire others.


Fatima Pollard

Fatima showcased her design prowess in NWAFW with a red taffeta-lined coat, drawing inspiration from 1950s fashion. In the previous year’s event (NWAFW 2022), she presented a stunning fitted yellow jacquard dress adorned with woven flowers.


Danielle Ferguson

This dress was inspired by moonlight secret gardens. It is constructed of denim lining for structure and cream satin for beauty.  Each lilac spider was individually hand printed using a self carved rubber stamp. With hand sewn eyelets down each side, the fit of this dress is completely customizable and designed to fit a wide range of figures.  

Danielle is a local Fayetteville artist, specializing in garments but always exploring all forms of art. She spends her time thinking about how her passions can make a difference in the world around her.


Basana Chhetri

Basana Chhetri, who is also the Vice President of Programming and Community Engagement, INTERFORM  is a designer with over 20+ years of experience. Basana contributed to Nepal’s fashion design curriculum for the government of Nepal, showcased designs globally, judged Miss Nepal, managed a silk pashmina business in Japan, and founded a boutique in London, United Kingdom. Basana’s creative work extends to fine arts and fashion, with solo exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, and Fayetteville, Arkansas. As the founder and main designer of a boutique in London

Basana’s has displayed here some of her pieces from her collection in NWA Fashion Week Spring 2019 at the RECORD, Bentonville & NWA Fashion Week Fall 2019 at the Drake Field, Fayetteville.