The INTERFORM Atelier is a retail pop-up store featuring a carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from local and regional fashion, jewelry, and more showcased in the creative atmosphere of a designer’s atelier. 

We aim to support the local creative community by providing a space where they can showcase their art and designs. Each piece and work of art is unique, one of a kind, and represents the essence of the artist who created it.









Rosie Rose 

Rosie Rose is an award winning artist from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She is known for her adventurous and colorful fashion designs, as well as her unique fiber art and paintings. A second generation Arkansas artist, her art & designs are steeped in the beauty of the Ozark hills.



Elizabeth Koerner 

Elizabeth Koerner is deeply passionate about fashion and learning. She values gratitude, faith, and curiosity in her life. Dedicated to her family and community, she invests in others to make a positive impact. With a love for laughter and relationships, she enjoys encouraging others. As a Designer in Residence for EMERGE 4 Program, she eagerly anticipates the opportunities ahead. Grateful for her experiences with INTERFORM EMERGE, NWA Fashion Week, and The Collective Movie, she continues to grow and learn. Elizabeth finds inspiration in nature, art, music, and culture for her designs, aiming to make everyday clothing feel like runway fashion. Her designs embody the spirit of youthful sophistication, offering comfort and style effortlessly. To contact Elizabeth Koerner, email


Ro Bailey

Ro Bailey is a former radio personality, veteran, and model who joined INTERFORM as the Communications Manager in October 2020. Born in California and raised in East Tennessee, Bailey moved to Fayetteville in 2012 with her son True and has enjoyed living and working in Northwest Arkansas. Shortly after moving to NWA, she became involved with Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week in 2015 as a runway and editorial model. By 2017, she became NWAFW’s Assistant Director of Modeling where she mentors new models and trains them in how to walk confidently on the runway, build their portfolios, prioritize their health and safety, and expand their brands. With her background in radio, Bailey currently hosts INTERFORM podcast, a biweekly podcast with a fresh perspective on current events with insightful guests and thought-provoking episodes. In less than a year, INTERFORM podcast had over 500 downloads. Ro strives to be an asset to her family and her community through cultivating diversity and visibility for local models. 


Jessica Robin

Born locally in NW Arkansas, Jessica Robin has over 25 years experience working with textiles and is a graduate of the theater department at the University of Arkansas where she specialized in costuming.  Since the early 2000s, she has designed and produced her own original work including hand embroidered bags and velveteen bunnies as well as creating her own clothing.  She sees clothing as not just a way to present yourself but also to surround yourself in what you love even if it means pinning a giant leaf on your shirt.  She is inspired by how colors and patterns can evoke emotions and the significance of the stories behind the clothes that we wear and hold dear.  In her spare time she loves repairing old vintage sewing machines and doing projects with friends.  She has worked for Interform in the Learn Department for almost two years helping teach Beginning and Advanced sewing classes and lead the open studio. Above all, she loves the way sewing and working with your hands creates a shared space.


Rayne Cottrell

“have u ever been to an amusement park & ridden a really intense ride & when ur done u bought a t shirt that says  “I SURVIVED THE…..” “….when we leave earth we’re all getting a tshirt.” Rayne Cottrell is the creator behind I SURVIVED EARTH. She has a fine arts degree in printmaking. Rayne loves dolphins, food, and garbage. She will be a millionaire.”

(Photo credit Ellis D @iii.0pener)


Ruby Moore 

Ruby Moore is the Lead Designer for Ruby Ru Designs. Ruby has been married to her husband Ken for more than 25 years, she has three adult children and two beautiful granddaughters. 3 year old Kyleigh Rose, and 2 year old Michelle Kaye Nicole!! Ruby’s desire to create beautiful Fashions started when she was a teenager, as her mom Pauline Black so diligently taught her the art of sewing. Ruby has over 30 years of construction and design experience and has designed for many women in the central Arkansas area. Ruby has an eye for beautiful colors and textures of fabrics and knows who to bring out the beauty in every woman. Her passion for designing was reignited in 2014 when her then teenage daughter wanted her to design her beautiful senior prom gown. Ruby Ru Designs caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Her aesthetic is to create beautiful and timeless garments that exclude elegance and confidence. Her beautiful garments have been showcased over many venues to include NorthWest Arkansas Fashion Week. With her collection Ruby Ru Designs will bring class and elegance to any runway.


Snow Winters

Snow Winters is an American based artist originating from Northwest Arkansas specializing in laser fabricated acrylic jewelry.  Following inspiration wherever it leads her, she has difficulty calling any one place home and seeks out new experiences to expand her creative portfolio. As a non-traditionally trained artist with a background in digital 3D visualization, she’s continuously honing her skills hands-on, working with industrial designers and innovating high-tech fabrication. Snow applies those techniques to her wearable art and transforms her medium into jewelry that drapes the body and makes the wearer feel as if they are clad in couture armor. Discovering new materials and creating distinctive jewelry propels her work into a world where the wearer becomes the art.


Braxton Carney

Braxton Carney has been creating and making things since childhood here in NWA. Growing up their family members always enabled them to pursue anything they could get their hands on from quilting and crochet, to baking and cooking. In early school years they started a 9 year journey into ceramics and pottery. After high school they moved to St. Louis for a few years and attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. During the beginning of the pandemic they moved back to NWA and started pursuing the creative arts again. They were brought onto the Format Festival build team and created everything from a 30 foot drag queen DJ booth to a disco ball finger. In May 2022 Braxton started taking classes through the Learn Studio and has now been brought onto the Interform team as an assistant instructor of Sewing & apparel education and is now the Programming and Apparel Education Coordinator. Outside of the arts Braxton enjoys spending their time outdoors gardening, kayaking, hiking, or swimming.


Tie Matthew

My name is Tie Matthew and I was born and raised in the Marshall Islands. I moved to Arkansas in 2017. Beginning in 2019, I attended my first INTERFORM sewing class and since then have continued to expand my knowledge and skills here.


Shelley Mouber

In an overly manufactured society, I find the repurposing of materials, a crucial way to reinstall meaning through discard. Current works are a mixed media on canvas and wood. In contrast to earlier collections and exhibitions, this show is a personal journey of emotional health and healing. My content is often inspired by music that holds my emotions and leads my creativity into areas of my psyche that wish to be seen.


My process is a form of meditation, of healing and empowerment that serve to inspire positive body-image, constructive play (whimsy, humor, and absurdity) as well as absolving a sense of isolation. Shelley, a self-taught artist, holds a BA in Sociology, and has been making art objects since early childhood. Her uncle, a renowned sculptor and set-designer, was amongst her earliest influences. Her use of vibrant colors, spirals and eyeballs bring a sense of freedom, relief and joy to the collection, mirroring her open and exuberant experience of being an artist and a human. 


Her artwork has been included in group and solo exhibitions and private collections throughout the world. Shelley’s artwork titles; Yayoi was included in an exhibition in NYC at Printed Matter, celebrating Yayoi Kusama. Shelley currently has a studio on Mt. Sequoyah resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Amanda Hoover

I aim to convey a story through fragrance. Although incense isn’t the only thing I make, it is my main passion and influences all of my art.

“Harmony in Contrast: Exploring Monochrome and Bold Shades”

Step into a world where opposites attract and harmony is found in the unexpected. In this mesmerizing fashion window display, monochrome elegance intertwines with the striking vibrancy of bold shades that were showcased at the NWA Fashion Week S/S 2024 at the Ledger, Bentonville. The Window display is of Delve into a palette where black, white, and neutrals dance alongside the electrifying hues of red and yellow, creating a captivating symphony of contrast. From minimalist sophistication to daring statements, each ensemble celebrates the beauty of juxtaposition, inviting you to explore the endless possibilities of style. Discover the seamless harmony found within the contrast, where every shade tells a story and every combination is a masterpiece in its own right.


Korto Momolu

Collection: Ink & Ivory a story of Joy and Pain

a story of grief told through fabrication, texture & color. Dedicated to the memory of her late father CKM Sr. 

Lorma Hand dyed  linen v-neck dress 

CKM military blazer with cowrie shell detail 

Lorma  hand dyed kimono 

Inspired by her African roots, Liberian born fashion designer and stylist Korto Momolu (pronounced CUT-TOE MOE-MOE-LOO) is stamping her global brand in fashion.  With a women’s wear and accessory line that celebrates the essence of her rich heritage through the use of traditional, luxury fabrics.

Korto was commissioned by Alice Walton to design uniforms for The Crystal Bridges Museum staff based on her ability to design for people of all shapes and sizes. She served as the “Cheerios ambassador” for the Shoprite Partners in Caring “Knock out Hunger” campaign and continues to contribute her time and talents to countless charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

Highlighted as Top 5 to watch by New York magazine.


Rulli Torres

Boldly navigating life’s twists, I moved to Northwest Arkansas during high school, defying California expectations. Graduating from Rogers High School and earning a Graphic Design degree at Northwest Arkansas Community College, I worked as an academic advisor before pursuing my true passion – fashion. Enrolling in the University of Arkansas’s Fashion Degree program, I embraced personal growth and community involvement. Relocating to NYC expanded my horizons in the fashion industry, but a subsequent move to Dallas, Texas, marked the start of my entrepreneurial journey. Establishing a high-rise studio, I engaged in philanthropy, organizing events like the Rulli Pink Fashion Show for Breast Cancer Awareness. Despite a setback in Dallas, returning to Northwest Arkansas was a heartwarming decision. Now, as a dedicated instructor at the University of Arkansas, I’m thrilled to contribute to my flourishing community, where my former students and friends have thrived.


Chavon Shree

Arkansas native and introverted creative, Chavon Shree, discovered her passion for fashion in a 6th-grade Home Economics class. Her journey unfolded at the University of Arkansas, where she majored in Apparel Studies, delving into the business and marketing aspects of the fashion industry. After graduation, corporate America beckoned, leading Chavon to a textile specialist role. Despite the job’s practicality, she felt confined and craved a more fulfilling path. Balancing her day job, she tirelessly honed her design skills, often working late into the night. After 16 months in corporate America, she bravely transitioned to pursuing “Chavon Shree” full-time, supported by her husband and friends. Today, her brand reflects Modern Hippie Street-wear, drawing inspiration from travels, fabric exploration, and nature’s beauty. Chavon Shree is now embracing sustainability, incorporating old project materials into new designs for a fresh, eco-conscious direction.


Description of the item that are on display,


Pink Moon Caftan: made of linen and scrap materials from past projects


“Hello Sunset!” Dress: cutout handprints on dyed eyelet top and stretch satin fabric sourced from China on bottom half of dress


Striped Chili Pepper Dress: made of multiple scrap fabrics that have been used for past projects



Elizabeth Koerner

Elizabeth Koerner wants to live with gratitude, faith in Jesus and curiosity.  She loves God and her family and invests in others and in the community to make a difference in the world.    

The 2024 Runway theme for Elizabeth is “Connected.”  We are connected, impacted by one another’s choices, by culture, by faith, by grief and hope, by loss and wins, by beauty and shocking pain. We are connected by what we experience together and what is separate and distinct about each of us that influences our interaction.  Elizabeth hopes to inspire your creativity and brighten your outlook on life through design that is modern, sophisticated and artful. Imagine being connected and walking your everyday runway in Elizabeth.