The INTERFORM Atelier is a retail pop-up store featuring a carefully curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from local and regional fashion, jewelry, and more showcased in the creative atmosphere of a designer’s atelier. 

We aim to support the local creative community by providing a space where they can showcase their art and designs. Each piece and work of art is unique, one of a kind, and represents the essence of the artist who created it.










   Brioch Ochoa 

Briseida Ochoa’s “Brioch” (b. El Paso, TX) work includes photography, painting, mixed media and printmaking. By applying abstraction, she creates intense personal moments created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring in the viewer. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. Her work demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits and often tells a story about the effects of cultural interaction. It challenges the binaries we continually reconstruct between self and the other. She currently lives and works in Bentonville, AR.

   Flora Saldivar

Born in Mexico City 1984. Flora Saldivar is a visual artist with a rich background in design. Her paintings are characterized by the spontaneous movement of paint on raw canvas, creating a dynamic interplay of color, texture, and intrigue. Her formalist approach thrives on exploring color and shape, resulting in captivating compositions. Each of Flora’s pieces begins with a loose plan, then embarks on its own unique journey. Her works, featuring layered washes of proprietary color blends, are currently on display at the MIXD Gallery and Galeria Azur. Now based in Northwest Arkansas, Flora was recently recognized as an “Artist on the Rise” by Artsy. Flora’s work is highly influenced by, Martha Jungwirth Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler.

   Gala Reneaum Tello 

Gala Reneaum Tello is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City who creates mixed-media works primarily collages. She utilizes discarded paper and purchases new materials to highlight the intersection of the past and the present, exploring the interaction between nostalgia and contemporary contexts, and emphasizing the continuum between personal and cultural narratives. Currently working as a Manager at MIXD Gallery in Rogers, Arkansas, she earned her Bachelor of Arts (2022) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2019) degrees from the University of Arkansas.

   Liza de Jesus

Howdy Bonita by Liza de Jesus, is a latinx owned small shop that offers polymer clay hand
made jewelry and accessories. Influenced by nature, pop culture, Arkansas and her own
Mexican indigenous roots, each piece is uniquely made. Howdy Bonita strives to make
everyone feel so “bonita” (pretty) in their day to day activities. You can follow Howdy Bonita on
Instagram (@howdybonita) to see all of her work.

   Mabely Teodocio 

My name is Mabely Teodocio and I am from the small town of Noel, Missouri. I currently call Lowell, Arkansas my home and work as a clinical assistant at Northwest Orthodontics. Ever since I was young, I’ve been inspired by my mother’s passion for creating, as she would create beautiful designs on her own sewing machine. This has sparked my own love for fashion design, and I’ve made it my mission to help others feel confident in their own skin using my design skills. My greatest inspiration comes from mother nature herself. The natural world’s beautiful colors and patterns are a constant reminder of my Veracruzan heritage, which I am extremely proud of. I have had the opportunity to model in a few fashion events, including Interform’s 2022 Cinco de Mayo show and the 2022 Fall Fashion Week, where I walked the runway for Klothed31. I began my journey as a fashion designer attending Interform’s Sewing for Beginners workshops in the Spring of 2022 and since then, my interest in high end fashion has grown. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in Emerge 2023 and working towards building my own successful clothing line.

   Rulli Torres

I made bold moves in life. My guardian relocated me to Northwest Arkansas during my sophomore year at Rogers High School. Adapting to the culture shock wasn’t easy, but I persevered. After Rogers High School, I earned a Graphic Design degree at NWACC and later pursued my passion for fashion at the University of Arkansas. College helped me break out of my shell, become a community leader, and eventually led me to NYC. There, I explored the fashion industry and later moved to Dallas, Texas, to start my own business. I also began giving back by hosting annual fundraisers for breast cancer awareness. After an accident in Dallas, I returned to Northwest Arkansas, where I now teach sewing at the University of Arkansas, excited to continue contributing to my community.

   Adriana Maria Pineda 

Adriana Pineda is a latina artist, born and raised in Miami, Florida. Adriana attended Westwood Christian School as a young teen where she received multiple FACCS Fine Arts awards at state competitions. Upon graduating from high school Adriana moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she attended the University of Arkansas and studied Graphic Design, Spanish, Italian, and German. She later quit schooling and turned her attention fully to art- officially starting her own art brand, Art by AMP, in 2020 after over 20 years of creating art. In 2021 she participated in her first art reception, kick-starting her ambition. The following year Adriana quit working all together after going on maternity leave and threw herself deeper into art to cope with postpartum. In this wake she curated three distinct collections: “Tropical Soul”, “The Blossoming”, and “Inside Voices”. In between local craft shows and art fairs, she has since then had her art displayed at The Arkansas Public Theater (Botanicals), CBD American Shaman Kava Bar (Tropical Soul), The Medium
(ASSEMBLY’S “Cake”), and Aloft Hotel Rogers-Bentonville (various). Adriana has also taken part in the formation of The Artists’ Table, an organization aiming to help underdiscovered artists gain recognition and community; as well as help guide them in growing as artists and businesses. Her ambition has no end, with her finalizing the finishing touches to a full room mural for The Human Experience’s yoga and meditation room in late April of 2023. She has since expanded to performing as a live painter in order to create a connection with the
community. She has had the opportunity to perform at multiple events and venues across Northwest Arkansas such as: The Gulley Park Summer Concert Series – where the city of Fayetteville purchased her painting, and the Railyard Live for their Jamboree Folk Music event.

   Laura Treas

Laura Treas comes from a Midwest Latinx family of artists and makers. Always an innovator, she designs and makes custom undergarments that provide confidence in her own micro factory. She is a leading compression expert with 15 years’ experience in helping customers feel their best selves. Considered an expert in her niche she has been invited to showcase her line at national conferences. She identified a demand for custom garments that gave clients a desired silhouette and a feeling of belonging after being immersed in the world of post-surgical garments. Because of these experiences she is an ally and advocate of inclusion by being an Ambassador for the Mid America LGBTQ+ Chamber.

   Andrea Flores Ruz 

A fashion designer originally from Mexico City, Andrea Flores Ruz strongly believes in, and advocates for sustainability in design. Her work not only reflects her heritage, but also the principle that what is considered waste by some can be an opportunity for innovation, sustainable, and functional fashion.

   Audrey Vega

Audrey Vega is a Latina artist whose work places intimate experiences in new spaces in order to disrupt social realities. Her paintings reflect her interest in capturing the qualities and emotions of the people she loves. She was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas and holds a BFA in Studio Art and a BA in Psychology from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She
currently works as a Community Engagement Educator, reaching communities across the greater NWA region to provide free art resources, programming with local artists and non-profit organizations, and information for art access.”

   Andrea Flores Ruz 

A fashion designer originally from Mexico City, Andrea Flores Ruz strongly believes in, and advocates for sustainability in design. Her work not only reflects her heritage, but also the principle that what is considered waste by some can be an opportunity for innovation, sustainable, and functional fashion.

   Fatima Pollard

Influenced by both the bright tropical colors and festive nature of her home country, Brazil, Fa desires to put smiles on the faces of both young and old through the creation and presentation of often described beautiful, flamboyant, colorful, exotic, imaginative, fanciful costumes. Children are her favorite audience. Fabric, feathers, flowers, fruit, beads, sequins, lights, foam, paper
mache, and acrylic paint – all are common to her work.

   Laura Ramirez 

My name is Laura Ramirez. I am a Fayetteville local, latinx artist. I came to the US from the Dominican Republic to study architecture, and have been practicing as a designer in the US and in the Dominican Republic. I started painting and drawing as a form of meditation, to recover from hard days at work about 5 years ago. So far I have worked in various mediums because I believe art is explorative, a process that leads to a discovery. The studio Pattern Etch grew out
of the necessity to create and explore the world around me. The medium usually varies from
charcoal to acrylic to watercolors, with the sole purpose of giving each pattern the exploration it deserves. The paintings come from an ongoing study of the built environment and nature. Patterns that exist around us have always been my source of inspiration. I collect memories from my travels all over the world and translate the emotions and qualities of nature and human touch that I’ve experienced. As a trained architect my work is, for the most part, structured and
geometrical. I consider my work to be based on “place”, not a physical space, but the place created by experiences, experimentation and studies of my surroundings whether that is the sand at the beach, the mountains, details on a building or the woods. Every piece is created with an idea in mind that shapes itself as the process unfolds.

   Lupita Albarrán

Lupita Albarrán is a latina multidisciplinary artist based in Springdale, Arkansas. She specializes in graphic design, painting, and illustration. Lupita’s work explores the captivating intersection of nature and self-identity, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and connection with the world around them. With a fusion of cultural influences and visual storytelling, her paintings embody a vivid celebration of both heritage and the human experience.

   Elizabeth Koerner 

Elizabeth Koerner doesn’t remember not being interested in fashion and loves to learn.   She doesn’t want to live without gratitude, faith in Jesus and curiosity.  She loves her family and is an involved woman investing in others and in community to make a difference in the world.  Elizabeth loves to laugh, really enjoys relationships and loves to encourage others. Elizabeth is honored to be selected to participate as a Designer in Residence in the EMERGE 4 Program.  She is looking forward to EMERGE 4.   At the same time she is thankful for the learning and growth experienced through INTERFORM EMERGE program’s training, collaboration and presentations as well as, NWA Fashion Week runways, and The Collective Movie, all opportunities in which she has participated.  Respecting differences and being curious about who we are and where we have come from can result in wonder, openness and a willingness to listen and learn from one another. This learning inspires creativity for Elizabeth’s design as does: nature, art, music, texture, fabric, beauty, travel, architecture and culture. Elizabeth loves to design Everyday Runway clothing inspiring the wearer to feel fabulous every single day. Elizabeth expresses youthful active sophisticated women’s spirit through quality, classic and artful design.  Women feel beautiful, are comfortable and show their style effortlessly in Elizabeth.  To contact Elizabeth Koerner:

   Jessica Robin

Born locally in NW Arkansas, Jessica Robin has over 25 years experience working with textiles and is a graduate of the theater department at the University of Arkansas where she specialized in costuming.  Since the early 2000s, she has designed and produced her own original work including hand embroidered bags and velveteen bunnies as well as creating her own clothing.  She sees clothing as not just a way to present yourself but also to surround yourself in what you love even if it means pinning a giant leaf on your shirt.  She is inspired by how colors and patterns can evoke emotions and the significance of the stories behind the clothes that we wear and hold dear.  In her spare time she loves repairing old vintage sewing machines and doing projects with friends.  She has worked for Interform in the Learn Department for almost two years helping teach Beginning and Advanced sewing classes and lead the open studio. Above all, she loves the way sewing and working with your hands creates a shared space.

   Jairo Portilla


Hello, my name is Jairo Portilla. I’ve been in Springdale my whole life. I’ve been designing and making clothes for 3 years. I have a brand currently named DeLaSoul. I started making clothes because I couldn’t find any clothes I liked in local shops. I try and think of something new everyday and if I’m not designing or working on clothes, I hangout in the beautiful wilderness of Arkansas.

   Kerrie Aaron


Each garment is handcrafted by Kerrie with quality craftsmanship & attention to details. She is passionate about having exclusive clothing. She believes GOD is our designer & we were created to be unique & set apart!  “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14).

   Rayne Cottrell


“have u ever been to an amusement park & ridden a really intense ride & when ur done u bought a t shirt that says 

“I SURVIVED THE…..” “….when we leave earth we’re all getting a tshirt.”

Rayne Cottrell is the creator behind I SURVIVED EARTH. She has a fine arts degree in printmaking. Rayne loves dolphins, food, and garbage. She will be a millionaire.”

(Photo credit Ellis D @iii.0pener)

   Ruby Moore 


Ruby Moore is the Lead Designer for Ruby Ru Designs. Ruby has been married to her husband Ken for more than 25 years, she has three adult children and two beautiful granddaughters. 3 year old Kyleigh Rose, and 2 year old Michelle Kaye Nicole!! Ruby’s desire to create beautiful Fashions started when she was a teenager, as her mom Pauline Black so diligently taught her the art of sewing. Ruby has over 30 years of construction and design experience and has designed for many women in the central Arkansas area. Ruby has an eye for beautiful colors and textures of fabrics and knows who to bring out the beauty in every woman. Her passion for designing was reignited in 2014 when her then teenage daughter wanted her to design her beautiful senior prom gown. Ruby Ru Designs caters to women of all shapes and sizes. Her aesthetic is to create beautiful and timeless garments that exclude elegance and confidence. Her beautiful garments have been showcased over many venues to include NorthWest Arkansas Fashion Week. With her collection Ruby Ru Designs will bring class and elegance to any runway.

   Snow Winters


Snow Winters is an American based artist originating from Northwest Arkansas specializing in laser fabricated acrylic jewelry.  Following inspiration wherever it leads her, she has difficulty calling any one place home and seeks out new experiences to expand her creative portfolio. As a non-traditionally trained artist with a background in digital 3D visualization, she’s continuously honing her skills hands-on, working with industrial designers and innovating high-tech fabrication. Snow applies those techniques to her wearable art and transforms her medium into jewelry that drapes the body and makes the wearer feel as if they are clad in couture armor. Discovering new materials and creating distinctive jewelry propels her work into a world where the wearer becomes the art.



“In March 2020, during the pandemic and when mostly everyone was looking for some sort of hobby, I began to work with polymer clay. At first, I wanted to learn how to bake cakes/bread and I can’t tell you how many banana loaves I made during that year. But then one day I came across a post on Instagram of some beautiful clay earring and I thought to myself, “I would love to learn how to make clay earrings” and that’s how my journey began.

There were a lot of similarities in baking cakes and baking clay, I think it was mostly how you can mold and sculpt both. What really interested me the most with polymer clay, was that I could create pieces that reflected my interest and wear them too. I love to spend a lot of time outside, I’m very proud to be a Latina and I wanted to create earrings that reflected just that. When you look at my pieces, you’ll see anything from butterflies, mushrooms and books to Pan Dulce and Lucha Libre. Howdy Bonita is really a mixture of all the things I enjoy in life and my Mexican roots too.


During the last three years, Howdy Bonita has shipped pieces all over the United States and has grown immensely. I stay active on my social media, where I post everything I’m working on, and any events that are coming up. The ultimate goal for myself as an artist is that everyone feels so bonita (pretty) and confident in their day to day activities. I hope that when you wear Howdy Bonita earrings that it will make you feel like magic.”