ASSEMBLY is the first of its kind, community engaged, curatorial training program and regional open call exhibition. The first iteration of ASSEMBLY launched in the summer of 2021, with 7 curators and 50 artists, in 13 exhibitions across 10 venues in Downtown Springdale for the month of June. 
In the summer of 2023, ASSEMBLY expanded into North America’s first fashion and art biennial. The culmination of a five month curatorial intensive program partnered 100+ artists with industry professionals to learn the ins and outs of exhibition making. ASSEMBLY showcased more than 60 artists in over 10 exhibitions across Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, the month-long immersive experience included at least 3 retail pop-up shops highlighting local and regional designers collections, and nationally recognized brands. Within the framework of the biennial, events and celebrations commemorating Juneteenth and LGBTQ+ Pride will took place alongside Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. Embedded within the event was a standard of diversity, equity, and inclusion that created a tapestry of representation across its participants and audience.



    After an arduous search spanning a couple decades, he had clarity on his 'Ikigai'(Japanese for a sense of purpose) - he wanted to professionally represent, promote and curate art by under-represented but talented artists like his dad. In Q4 2020, he was part of the founding team at Art on the Square art gallery, Bentonville, AR, where he volunteered over 400 hours helping with gallery design, installations, operations, marketing, inventory and event management. In 2021/22, he started working with established local artists to kick start the learning process and curated several self funded exhibits in spaces sponsored by WeWork Labs NWA. Allan is part of the 2023 Interform Art Annual Curatorial Cohort where he looks forward to learning more about curating from the real professionals in this space. He has a background in mechanical engineering(design) and business administration. Allan enjoys his earned spare time traveling to different countries and experiencing their art and culture, besides trail running with his dog when he's back home in Bentonville, AR.


    I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. That creativity has woven its way into all areas of my life including business, parenting, and faith. But its greatest outlet has always been the arts, and the career born from it has ranged wide, from mural and collage to hair and makeup. My current focus is exploring a passion for assemblage and narrative. After relocating from Minneapolis several years ago, Bentonville is now home with my husband, two children and two pups. I am thrilled to be part of the inspiring NWA arts community and have found my art evolving in new and exciting ways.


    From releasing socially conscious music to being a very active change leader in his community. Jasper Logan's aim to bring about change through inspiration is at the core of everything he does. His music catalog is a consistent tale of personal and social striving for better, in hopes to inspire people to do the same. His community events for black and brown communities offer resources to help people deal with issues on mental health, grief, racial trauma, and community collaboration. His clothing line Logan Levere exists to expand the ideas of creativity, cool, and everyday use. He also has partnered with various local organizations to create spaces for aspiring musicians to learn new skills, collaborate with new artists, and receive mentorship. "Everything I do is to inspire others to do something. I believe inspiration is the key to innovation and innovation is the key to change".


    Kennedie Daniel, painter and sculptor, creates as a way to digest the world and personal relationships that surround her. Born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Kennedie graduated from The University of Arkansas in 2020 with a fine art degree. Since I was a little girl, art has always been my favorite escape. I use my practice as a reminder to let go of the burden that is control and to accept that I have none. I find inspiration in color, the emotion it evokes and the messy art of relationships. When creating my portraits, I start with a large amount of acrylic to provide texture that feels up close and personal. With my background and love of sculpture, I enjoy using my hands and a variety of palette knives to work with the paint. Each portrait is unique, displaying a mixture of feelings and giving them permission to flow naturally throughout the silhouette. Sometimes these figures will represent a loved one, a stranger, or even myself.


    Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Turner moved to upstate New York to attend the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She fell in Love with the embodied nature of light and sculpture, and the relationships she could form to her own body. She continued her investigations using neon as her primary medium and graduated in May 2021 with her BFA and a minor in Dance. Turner is a Light and Mixed Media Artist focusing primarily in her investigations with Neon. Her work explores many themes surrounding the inner workings of the body, aspects of touch, negotiation of unseen boundaries and shared sensations. She aims to provoke a sensitivity using light as her medium of choice.

ASSEMBLY is the first of its kind, kaleidoscopic project created to bring together, cultivate and spotlight artistic talent in the region. This June in Downtown Springdale, INTERFORM showcased a series of 13 multimedia exhibitions PLUS 35 Designer Runway Shows ALL curated by and featuring local and resident artists expressing talent of all types and genres. this project, collectively titled ASSEMBLY, is the culmination of the work of 9 curators, working alongside INTERFORM leadership. Through four months of collaboration they have created a unique and immersive set of art experience across multiple venues and locations. The curators selected artists, handpicked artworks, created exhibition themes, coordinated with spaces, and worked together to install their exhibitions. The result is a month long project high-lighting the talent of creatives from across the region. INTERFORM's goal is to empower more cultural producers who can expand opportunities across the community. We see the addition of curatorial skills to the local landscape as a step toward democratizing access to exhibitions and cultural opportunities.