ASSEMBLY is the first of its kind, kaleidoscopic project created to bring together, cultivate and spotlight artistic talent in the region. 
ALL June long, the ASSEMBLY program will be showcasing a series of 13 multi-media exhibitions throughout Downtown Springdale curated by and featuring local and resident artists expressing talent of all types and genres. INTERFORM selected 7 emerging art curators to work alongside our leadership to create unique and immersive art experiences across 10 Venues and 50 Artists, PLUS a fashion show. ASSEMBLY’s month-long showcase is a conglomeration of their work; selecting artists, handpicking artworks, creating exhibition themes, coordinating exhibition spaces, and installing their exhibitions.
Exhibitions open Thursday to Sunday, 10am-6pm ALL OF JUNE




INTERFORM | ASSEMBLY will be a month long series of community events, public performances, and exhibitions. Stay tuned to see the latest up-to-date information on what's coming up!


13 exhibitions, all june long, EVERY Thursday – Sunday, 10am -6pm



THE CREATIVE WOMEN (Of the Marshall Islands)

Partner Exhibition Organized by Basana Chhetri and Fei Debrum

LOCATION: 117 W Emma Avenue

A Marshallese collaborative pop-up shop featuring handmade goods such as dresses, necklaces, earrings, head bands, and bracelets. All proceeds go directly to the artist. 


Fei Debrum
Gina Janer
Valentina Lokebol

Tie Lawin


Curator –  Coco Lashar


Fragment is a collection of work from local NWA artists that repurpose and reconstruct memories, objects, time, and space. This process of storytelling using collected bits of life explores how we can translate the world around us using our individual experiences. We ourselves are collections of fragmented memories, relationships, and perspectives. We are able to grow and change through this never-ending process of gathering and letting go. These works are an amalgamation of different fragmented parts of life and interpretations of each artist’s experience, that come together and offer something whole, something new.

Artist List:

Damned 2 Divine
Jesse Johnson
Stephanie Petet
Taylor Loftin


    Coco Lashar is a 25 year old creative & designer currently based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. In May 2020, she received a BFA in Graphic Design, graduating with a thesis project on creating resources and community for young artists. She currently works as a Junior Designer at Archetype Productions and hopes to continue integrating design, research, and art into her practice.


Curator –  Omar Bravo

LOCATION: 214 by Cache – Blackbox Theater | 214 S Main Street

(a)Typical Sanctuary is a safe haven where the selected artworks have a home and live in. There is no judgement here in (a)Typical Sanctuary. All that is different, unique, is welcomed here and treated no different than anything else.  Guests that enter this new world will become a part of a scene full of color, light, and sound, experiencing and connecting back to the sense of wonder that everyone can enjoy again and again.

Artist List:


EARL – Goop World 

Kara Chanhthala





    Omar Bravo, or more commonly known as “Hungry,” is a 23-year-old Mexican-American artist originally born in Garden Grove, California, who currently lives in Springdale, Arkansas.“Hungry” is known for his psychedelic use of bright colors and imagery, bringing in influence from graffiti, the rave scene, video games, and fashion. These influences help create a mesmerizing world of color that invites the viewers to play in while capturing the wondrous, child-like affinity for things that glow. He is a self-taught artist in drawing, digital art, painting, screen printing, and sewing. Throughout the past several years, he has participated in the art scene in NWA, from painting murals to curating local events and art galleries in Springdale, Arkansas. His motivation is to create a space that brings forth art and artists that aren’t afraid to go against the grain and don’t readily conform to the norms of traditional art.


Curator –  Evelyn Sosa

LOCATION: 214 by Cache – Dance Studio | 214 S Main Street

Optical Synergy aims to blend two different mediums to create one symbiotic experience. Much like Springdale which is full of diverse people and cultures coming together in a community, , this exhibition embodies and explores how two very different artists and mediums can come together to create one cohesive piece.

Artist List:

Eel Eye




    Evelyn is the Creative Director of Art and Cultural Programming at The Teen Action & Support Center. Evelyn has a passion for helping others and has coordinated fundraisers for Seven Hills through music events and yoga donation classes. Evelyn also works at Seeds that Feed, a non-profit helping provide access to fresh food to food pantries, shelters, and elderly patients who face food insecurity. She believes that the best way to impact your community is by helping provide basic necessities and resources. She hopes to continue to create connections and opportunities to get involved in the community. Her interests include cooking, creating digital art, DJing, traveling, and listening to music.


Curator –  Marcela Perez

LOCATION: 214 by Cache – Main Gallery | 214 S Main Street

Flow stems from a study done by Jeanne Nakamura & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in which they studied people’s satisfaction with everyday activities. The study found that people experienced greater satisfaction when they are totally immersed in what they are doing. There is a loss of awareness of time, of yourself, and everything is just “clicking”. Flow comes with practice, by seeking to surprise yourself and discover new things about yourself and the activity you are engaging in. Flow is overcoming the urge to stop at every mistake. Flow is activity, movement, resilience, and perseverance.

Artist List:

Maximiliano Calabotta

Jesse Johnson

Jacob Skinner




    Marcela Rojas-Perez is a first-generation Chicanx born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. As both an artist and long-time community member of this region, they have been able to find ways to incorporate their love for the arts and people in their roles as a community healthcare worker for UAMS and Inservice mentor for TASC. Through their artistry and work, they have often bore witness to the beauty and strength that come with connecting art and community. They hope to continue building that connection in their future endeavors.


Curator –  Jess Whalen

LOCATION: Perrodin Supply Co | 126 N Shiloh Street

This show is about the history, stories, and perspective that being a woman is. We experience life in deeply empathetic, visceral ways. We become story keepers and storytellers as we soak in all of this life. Some are the stories of those we love, some are the stories of those before us with strong shoulders we now stand on, but mostly there are the stories of us and how we see the world. This is an exploration of women and how we process life, the world, and the people around us.

My goal for this space is for it to feel safe, honest, and celebratory. And I think this alchemy of artists is perfect for injecting that life into the show.

Artist List:

Danielle Hatch
Jenn Terrell
Lucero Aguirre
Kennedie Daniel
Kellie Lehr
Robyn Jordan



    Jess Whalen is a filmmaker and Storytelling strategist at Jessica Whalen Films. Everything she does is centered around seeing and celebrating the magic of the mundane and everything that makes people so inspiring. She’s an empathetic listener who is passionate about holding up a mirror to show you just how amazing, brave, and beautiful you are. When she’s not behind the camera or coaching people on how to best tell their stories to their own audiences, she spends her time reading, playing music, and watching movies with her husband and their dogs, Ron and Leslie. Jess is excited to get to embed her love of story and celebrating the human spirit into a more fine-art approach and to learn more about curating experiences for people. She can't wait to meet more members of the NWA Arts Community!


Partner Exhibition Organized by Preston Poindexter

LOCATION: Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, 118 W Johnson Avenue

Artist: Wild Ozark – Madison Woods

Curated by Preston Poindexter

Artist Statement: I work with the very soul of the Earth; ocher rich stone, naturally pigmented clay, and charred bone. My muse is a savage one, and she forces me to see the duality – the beauty of Nature while acknowledging the brutality. My offering is an opportunity for an intimate communion with the most ancient of life records. All of the colors in my paintings are derived from pigments sourced on or around our land in Madison County of northwest Arkansas, and processed into watercolor paints by hand. It is my passion to showcase the beautiful colors that express the Soul of the Ozarks. 


Curator –  Robin Wallis Atkinson

LOCATION: First Security Bank, Second Floor | 100 W Emma Ave

There is much that art can, and cannot, do. Art can speak to joy and speak to pain. Art can be protest, but art alone can’t change the world. Art has power, but without community art is also powerless. Often we have asked art to perform too much, put too much weight on the back of art to say the things we won’t say. In this exhibition, I would like us to allow art to be only art. But perhaps also more. I would like us to be brave with our understanding of what is possible. Allow for an expanded notion of what can come to be. Consider holding two contradictory thoughts as true simultaneously. Allow things to be as complicated as they are, find the poetry in that. Allow for both joy and rage. Allow the answer to be, at least when you are in this space: Yes. And….

This exhibition consists of 25 artists working across the mediums of painting, installation, video, ceramics, photography, sculpture, poetry, and all of the above.

Artist List:

Amber Perrodin
Blue Brasher
Brody Parrish Craig
Cheryl Kellar
Coco Lashar
Cory Perry
Evelyn Sosa
Jess Whalen
Jonathan Perrodin
Junli Song
Kathy Thompson
Kayla Andrus
Leah Grant
Lucerro Aguirre
Marcela Perez
Melissa Loney
Shelby Fleming
Omar Bravo
Live Deliciously Productions
Shelby Fleming
Stacy Pants
Tay Butler
Trinity Kai


An Interactive Memorial

LOCATION: R McClintock, 105 Spring Street

Artists: Heather Younger Morton and Rachel McClintock

About Heather Younger Morton: Heather Younger Morton is an interdisciplinary artist who has been developing her practice in NWA since moving here in 2012 after receiving her Masters of Fine Art from the University of Nevada, Las Vega. She is active in progressing contemporary art understandings through interactive public art performances and installations, and in her programming as an art educator. She was an active participant with the INVERSE Performance Art Festival, the Artist Laboratory Theater, and Last Night Fayetteville, and has had solo exhibitions at Fenix Fayetteville, Stage 18, and LALALAND Gallery. Morton is also a Eunice Miles Full Tuition Scholarship recipient and certified GIA Graduate Gemologist who studies the impact of time on the human condition, and its connection to the transcendent qualities of the earth’s natural formations

About Rachel McClintock: Known for austere and original designs, R McClintock blends elegance and function. Both custom and designer furniture is presented as highly functional sculpture, aiming to elevate the interior design without overwhelming. 


Curator –  Preston Poindexter

LOCATION: Black Apple | 321 E Emma Ave

The beauty of the Garden of Eden stemmed from perfection. Humanity was removed from this fabled land because of their faults and hasn’t returned since. We’ve created our forms of beauty through self-expression and celebrated our imperfections in our time away. In the Garden of Heathens, perfection comes from vulnerability and self-love. Here artists will share their experiences of self-identity and love to paint a new picture of  ‘perfection.’

Artist List:

Ode To Flora


Goop World



    Preston Poindexter moved to Arkansas from Memphis, Tennessee, and attended the University of Arkansas on a full-ride scholarship with which he studied both Computer Science and Marketing. At the age of 18, Preston began writing and recording songs for local artists in the Northwest Arkansas region in-between his studies. Preston is an aspiring model and has been featured in the INTERFORM (formerly known as Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum’s) nationally recognized #GetYourMaskOn campaign that has reached over 20,000 individuals virtually. His love of the fine arts has placed him as not only a musician and model but also as an award-winning member of the National Speech and Debate Association. As the youngest member of the INTERFORM team, he is continually searching for new and creative ways to enhance the artistic community, not only in Arkansas but in the country as a whole. /// As a fulltime employee of INTERFORM and as the participant in this program, Preston will act as a point of contact for curatorial cohort members, will help with administrative needs of the cohort, and will help troubleshoot event details and programming as the project develops.


Partner Exhibition Organized by Robin Wallis Atkinson

LOCATION: Arkansas Missouri Railroad, 306 E Emma Ave

Artist: Junli Song

This installation is inspired  by a sense of nostalgia for the past, while simultaneously celebrating the universality of music and dance across both time and space. The space features reproductions of original screen prints, which have now been reprinted onto fabric in order to create a sense of movement within the space. The imagery was inspired by the golden age of jazz during the Harlem Renaissance, and it is from this era that the music playing was selected. This exhibition draws upon the senses of sight, sound, and touch to evoke memories of the past, both real and imagined. 

SKRIBBLES @ The Station

Partner Exhibition Organized by Evelyn Sosa and Marcela Perez

LOCATION: 610 E Emma Ave

This collaborative project was led by two curatorial cohort members working with young artists enrolled in the Teen Action Support Center’s after school programming. What you see here is the power of art to bring community together, to say what goes unsaid, and to showcase the talents of our inspiring community. 


Olivia Patterson
Teen Action Support Center young artists