HER - CUrated by Jess Whalen

This show is about the history, stories, and perspective that being a woman is. We experience life in deeply empathetic, visceral ways. We become story keepers and storytellers as we soak in all of this life. Some are the stories of those we love, some are the stories of those before us with strong shoulders we now stand on, but mostly there are the stories of us and how we see the world. This is an exploration of women and how we process life, the world, and the people around us. My goal for this space is for it to feel safe, honest, and celebratory. And I think this alchemy of artists is perfect for injecting that life into the show. 

Featuring: Danielle Hatch, Jenn Terrell, Lucero Aguirre, Kennedie Daniel, Kellie Lehr, Robyn Jordan


Fragment is a collection of work from local NWA artists that repurpose and reconstruct memories, objects, time, and space. This process of storytelling using collected bits of life explores how we can translate the world around us using our individual experiences. We ourselves are collections of fragmented memories, relationships, and perspectives. We are able to grow and change through this never-ending process of gathering and letting go. These works are an amalgamation of different fragmented parts of life and interpretations of each artist’s experience, that come together and offer something whole, something new.

Featuring: Damned 2 Divine, Jesse Johnson, Stephanie Petet, Taylor Loftin

FLOW - Curated by Marcela Rojas-Perez

Have you ever felt so immersed in what you’re doing that you lose yourself in the process?

The concept of flow stems from the creative process There is a loss of awareness of time, of yourself, and everything is just “clicking”. Flow comes with practice, by seeking to surprise yourself and discover new things about yourself and the activity that you are engaging in. Flow is overcoming the urge to stop at every mistake. Flow is activity, resilience, and perseverance. 

What is your flow?

Featuring: Maximiliano Calabotta, Jesse Johnson, Jacob Skinner, Orlo

KORA EM AN KIL - The Creative Women (of the Marshall Islands)

Organized by Basana Chhetri and Fei Debrum.

This project was a Marshallese collaborative pop-up shop featuring handmade goods such as dresses, necklaces, earrings, head bands, and bracelets. All proceeds when directly to the artists.

Featuring: Fei Debrum, Gina Janer, Valentina Lokebol, Tie Lawin

(A) typical sanctuary

(a)Typical Sanctuary is a safe haven where the selected artworks have a home and live in. There is no judgement here in (a)Typical Sanctuary. All that is different, unique, is welcomed here and treated no different than anything else. Guest that enter this new world will become a part of a scene full of color, light, and sound, experiencing and connecting back to the sense of wonder that everyone can enjoy again and again.

Featuring: Athulu, EARL, Goop World, Kara Chanthala, Nuubeum, PrintGurl

optical synergy - Curated by evelyn Sosa

Optical Synergy aims to blend two different mediums to create on symbiotic experience. Much like Springdale, which is full of diverse people and cultures coming together in a community, this exhibition embodies and explores how two very different artists and mediums can come together to crete one cohesive piece. 

Featuring: Eel Eye, NUGZ

YES. AND... - curated by Robin wallis atkinson

This exhibition holds space and grants permission for the celebration of art. As we all begin to unmask, allow this art, also, the room to breathe. It may hold deeper messages for you to unravel below the surface, but it needs no more justification than the joy of creation and the communities built around it. Be brave with our understanding of what is possible Allow ourselves an optimistic and expansive notion of what can come to be. We each have conflicting and complicated experiences that frame our understanding of images and artworks we encounter. IN this exhibition, allow yourself to hold two contradictory thoughts as true simultaneously. Allow things to be as complicated as they are. Isn’t there poetry in that? Allow the answer to be, at least when you are in this space: Yes. And…

Featuring: Amber Perrodin, Ashtone, Blue Brasher, Brody Parrish Craig, Bxmbi, Cheryl Kellar, Coco Lashar, Evelyn Sosa, Jess Whalen, Jonathan Perrodin, Junli Song, Kathy Thompson, Kayla Andrus, Leah Grant, Lucero Aguirre, Marcela Roja-Perez, Melissa Loney, Shelby Fleming, Rumwolf, Live Deliciously, Stacy Pants, Tay Butler, Trinity Kai