Apprenticeship: A Technical Career Path – this program introduces participants to the professional workforce while still being trained on manufacturing industry standards. Participants are paid above minimum wage while developing their industry level skills. After the six  month long apprenticeship, a participant now has a trajectory to enter the competitive workforce.

Meet THE



Furaha MButo

My name is Furaha MButo and I am originally from Congo and reside in the city of Fayetteville. Currently, I am a sewist for INTERFORM, this has given me the opportunity to learn more skills to secure jobs that help our families and communities.


Sikitu MButo

My name is Sikitu Mbuto. I’m originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have resided in Arkansas since 2018, where I began learning about sewing at INTERFORM. I love all my teachers. My whole mind is that God bless you for volunteering to teach us even if we don’t know English!


Tie Matthew

My name is Tie Matthew and I was born and raised in the Marshall Islands. I moved to Arkansas in 2017. Beginning in 2019, I attended my first INTERFORM sewing class and since then have continued to expand my knowledge and skills here.


Gina Janer

My name is Gina Janer and I was raised in the Marshall Islands. I moved to Springdale, AR back in 2006. In 2016, I began to take sewing classes at INTERFORM which has opened the door to many opportunities. I currently work as a professional sewist here.  I want to give thanks to Basana, Jessica, Abwe, Richard, and INTERFORM staff for helping and supporting me.


Valentina Lukebol

My family came to Georgia then Arkansas and started the church. Our children started to go to school and we looked for work.  We were here to make a new life.  This life here is so good, and I am proud of all my teachers who teach me about sewing.